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“Charlie was awesome. He said, ‘OK James. This is a deadly disease. You will die from it. But I feel confident that I could make a difference and buy you time’. He was very upfront,” Mrs Nation said.

Located in Daytona Beach, Florida Hospital Brain and Spine Surgery Associates provide the highest medical care for spines, nervous systems & brains in

Our practice believes that surgery is the last resort for the treatment of spinal and cranial disorders. This is especially true with spinal fusion, which is an undertaking only after careful consideration. We believe in working with the patient’s preference, lifestyle and the involvement of the family in the decision making process.

[…] to a 2013 report by the Association of Neurological Surgeons nearly 90% of boxers suffer a brain injury of some extent during their […]

We understand the difficulty that our patients face when seeking a neurosurgeon they can trust. Evaluating treatment options for neurological conditions can be complicated as well. With multiple locations in Los Angeles, Ventura County & Kern County we offer patients a consultation and a clear description of treatment options for their condition. Our neurosurgeons are experienced, board certified and have published academic papers in the field of neurosurgery. They are available at our convenient locations throughout Southern California.

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Dis­or­ders of the periph­er­al ner­vous
sys­tem include all nerve path­ways
out­side the brain and spinal cord.
Dis­ease symp­toms include mus­cle
weak­ness, paral­y­sis and sen­so­ry dys­func­tion.

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UC coaches for major sports are mostly paid from the proceeds of ticket sales and from booster donations. UC brain surgeons are mostly paid from the proceeds of the services they provide.

The Brain Surgeons - TrepanationThe Brain Surgeons - TrepanationThe Brain Surgeons - TrepanationThe Brain Surgeons - Trepanation